Feb 9, 2013

A Smidgen of Sky

A Smidgen of Sky by Donna Dorisi Winget follows ten year old Piper whose Mother is getting remarried.  Piper doesn't want a new father or a new stepsister.  Her father went missing after a plane crash when she was young and Piper still hasn't come to terms with his death.  After making some questionable decisions Piper realizes the mistakes that she has made and how she cares for her future stepfather and stepsister.  Can she fix things?

This is a delightful middle grade novel that hits the topics of divorce and remarriage, honesty and internet safety.  Piper was a great character, a girl in love with planes who is helpful to her neighbors.  I was engrossed in the story and finished it quickly.

Appropriateness:  There is no adult content in this book and there is a nice lesson on internet safety embedded in the story that is not too preachy.  I recommend this book to readers 9-12.

Review copy provided by Amazon Vine
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