Feb 21, 2012

Faking Faith

Faking Faith by Josie Bloss follows Dylann who after being shunned and humiliated after a sexting disaster becomes obsessed with the blogs of fundamentalist christian girls who are being raised to be submissive homemakers.  Dylann, who is not religious herself, soon creates her own blog and going by the name Faith creates a friendship with Abigail one of the most popular bloggers.  Going above and beyond in her fraud she plans a visit stay with Abigail at their families farm.

I loved this book it was interesting and engrossing.  Even though Dylann's is a fraud and she is lying to people you still root for her and understand her need to belong.  While the book is a bit critical of this super paternalistic religious society where the father rules his household with an iron fist it is not critical of any mainline faith or religion.  I loved the relationship that Dylann has with Abigail (and her hunky older brother) and the complexities that happen because of her lie.

Appropriateness:    Aside from the sexting disaster that starts the entire story (which is a good lesson) and quite a bit of lying to parents there is no adult behavior.  I would recommend this book to teens 13+ (along with a basic reminder of how to deal with internet safety).

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