Mar 15, 2012

Last Chance

Last Chance by Nora McClintock follows Robyn a dog bite victim who is forced to spend her summer volunteering at am animal shelter after she is arrested during a protest.  Also working at the shelter is a group of teens who are part of an anger management program rehabilitating abused dogs.  When Robyn thinks she sees one of the boys stealing she'll have to figure out if people really can change.

This was a pleasant but unremarkable book.  The mystery and the bad boy semi-love interest was fairly predictable.  I did enjoy reading about the animal shelter and think that kids who are interested in dogs would probably really enjoy this book.  While I was interested in the book I didn't find myself itching to finish or unable to put the book down and it took me several days to finish.

Appropriateness:  There is no adult content in the book.  I would recommend this book to readers 12+

ARC provided by netgalley
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