Mar 25, 2012

Never Eighteen

Never Eighteen by Megan Bostic tells the story of Austin who has a few things to do before he dies.  Austin and his friend Kaylee, the best friend whom he has secretly loved travel around the state to do some things that he needs to do before he dies.  Trying to help people move on and fix their lives.

This is an interesting book that tries to get the reader to think about the mistakes that are made in life and the need to fix them. Austin and Kaylee are interesting characters and the love story is predictable but sweet.  I didn't find the plot particularly engrossing however I think that fans of this type of story (Nicolas Sparks fans) will enjoy the book.

Appropriateness:  This is a book with a lot of adult content.  There is sex (with condoms yay!) and a bit of drunkenness (with a mention of the designated driver yay!) .  I would recommend this book to teens 14+ who are fans of sweet and sad stories.

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