May 6, 2011

Once a Witch

Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough features Tasmin, a young woman born into a family of witches. While the rest of her family has grown up learning to develop their talent Tasmin has grown up without a talent. When a strange man mistaking Tasmin for her sister asks for some help in finding a lost clock Tasmin discovers that her world is nothing like she thought it was.

I really enjoyed the story, the elements of witchcraft and time travel made the story interesting and the author developed a character that young people can find relateable. 

Appropriateness:  Once a read is a great story for teens. The writing is complex enough and the characters and plot line interesting enough for older teens (and adults who like YA lit) but the content is mild enough that it would be appropriate for younger readers who enjoy stories about older teens. There is no sexual content and the romance is secondary to the action.

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