Jun 30, 2011

The Fox Inheritance

The Fox Inheritance by Mary E Pearson is a sequel to The Adoration of Jenna Fox which followed Jenna who had been put into an artificial body after a horrible car accident with her two friends Locke and Kara.  Jenna thought she had destroyed the computer drives that contained Locke and Kara's minds but she was wrong and a copy was made.

This book follows Locke as he and Kara are awakened into artificial bodies more than two hundred years later.  Kara and Locke are being held by a scientist who claims that he is going to help while in reality he is keeping the two as floor models so rich international buyers can see his product in action.  Kara and Locke escape with the help of a taxi driver robot and journey to find Jenna and get answers.  This book explores the question of what qualifies someone as a person and equal rights.

I was surprised when I found out there was going to be a sequel to The Adoration of Jenna Fox.  While I greatly enjoyed the book it ended with an epilogue that gave the reader finality and there wasn't really any more of a story to tell.  Thus we have the problem with this book.  Most of the book takes place as a journey and there is no real destination that the reader looks for.  The book takes place in a version of America that's disturbing and strange yet it is not fully explained.  The relationships were not engaging to me and the plot was not strong enough to keep the reader engaged.  The author did do a good job at exploring equal rights and what makes a person.  The idea of the book was good it was just not well executed. 

Appropriateness:  There is no adult content in the book.   The lexile for the first in the series is 570 putting it around a fourth grade reading level.  There is no romance to turn off young readers however the characters are in their late teens.  I would put the interest level at 12+
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