Jun 27, 2011

Vampire Crush

Holly is excited about the new school year and a chance to be the editor of her school paper when she is assigned to interview a set of strange new students that have arrived at her high school. Their strange behavior and the appearance of her (surprisingly cute) childhood neighbor that has moved back to town who is also acting strangely causes her to become suspicious.

The story is a humorous one, and Holly has a great sense of humor and there are several comedic moments such as Holly arming herself with a wooden spoon after running through the school cafeteria, the principal starting the new school year with a ban on pointy shoes and a character who carries a hamster in his pocket.

Appropriateness:  Vampire Crush is a great vampire book for the younger middle grade set. The story while excessively predictable is one that will be enjoyed by readers that are not old enough for the more mature YA vampire novels and as a plus the book contains some advanced vocabulary which will make their English teachers happy. The romance is sweet and the sexual content is limited to a kiss or two. There aren't any adult themes that are explored in the book although it's humor will speak to older readers.

ARC received from Amazon Vine

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