Mar 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday. Pet Peeves

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish .  This week's topic is your top ten book pet peeves.

1. Books that don't end.  I don't mind a cliffhanger as long as there's a sense of finality to the book.  If books seem to end mid plot I'm irritated.

2.  Books that change size mid series.  I don't care about paperback vs hardback as long as the same size.  However, my Morganville Vampire series which switched from little paperback to huge hardback.  That's irritating.

3. Movies that claim to be based on a book that end up changing the entire point of the book.  Cough Avalon High, Cough Shopoholic.

4.  Books where the author seems to have no idea how old their audience is.  Lets see, I'll make my character 16 (characters all seem to be either 12 16 or senior in hs right?) but I'll make their romantic relationships thin and materialistic like they're 14 but then throw in a party with a drunken orgy and an attempted rape.

5. No Condoms.  You're writing to teens, would it kill you to put in a sentence or two about condoms if your characters are going to have sex? 

6.  Books that are marketed to the wrong audience or have characters that are just a bit too young for the age that would really love the book.  Such as the delightful book I just read Scones and Sensability  it was in the children's section right next to all those books about talking animals and had a 12 year old heroine when the book is based on a classic that ten year olds have no familiarity with and was a total romance.  Make the character 14 and shelve it in the teen section and it's perfect!  I do think they need a seperate section in between the children's and teen section though.

7.  Excess name dropping.  I would rather your book not be all about Jimmy Cho shoes and it's absurd that your character who is living in a foster home wears only designer labels.

8.  Sequel's that take YEARS to be released.  If you leave me on a cliffhanger please don't make me wait three years for a resolution. 

9.  Books for little kids that use bad grammar.  I'm looking at you Junie B. Jones's  No kids don't talk like that and I certainly don't want them writing like that.  Be a good example of writing for our little ones.

10. Series that go on forever without a plan.  Please don't continue writing books if you've run out of overarching plot.

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